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With 27 years’ experience in the accounting industry from bookkeeping through purchasing to software integration and setup, Shelley’s Genesys Financial clients have included those of Graphic Arts, Manufacturing, IT, Automotive and the garment industries. 

Her focus later went to implementing and managing larger scale billing platforms and Project Management. Currently her focus is on helping Entrepreneurs setup their Financial platforms and Business processes.  A financial professional with a marketing background Shelley is uniquely qualified and can see all sides of business from sales and marketing to purchasing to invoicing, always allowing her to think outside the box.   

In line with her varied interests her latest business, Living Well, has taken a passion for health and wellness to business by facilitating lifestyle changes for busy executives. As the health supplement portion of her business has gone International her love of traveling is often met through her business.    

Completing the Level 3 WSET course was a personal goal as her love for all things wine is something she shares with all who shadow her door.   

The experiences Shelley has accrued through her, ever-evolving life, have created a unique perspective. It is with this perspective that she’s able to assist most. As we all believe our situation or troubles to be unique, Shelley has the ability to relate directly to you in your situation, through both comparables and situational anecdotes along with a good dose of Common Sense.   

Her ability to comprehend the individual far supercedes most. Some call it a sixth sense. It is mostly a highly focused intuitive ability that she has all but perfected on her journey through life. 


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Make Sure to grab the right attention.

You'll always have the right attention if you start with your own. Carry yourself in such a way that you are always proud of all your actions. This will cause those around you to step their game up to stick with you at your level. You are the one in control. It is only lost if you forget this.


Don't take the game too seriously.

If you don't make the time to enjoy what you are doing or where you then why even do it. There is no flat out or universal definition of success, this is an illusion our minds have never addressed. Each and every day needs a minute spent appreciating both yourself and your accomplishments. This is a healthy pause and reflection session.



To truly take over your own power you need to look into your past and thank it. Who you were as a human, the situations you were involved in both good and bad. Your past is your story. What you chose to do with that story from this moment forward is entire up to the way you chose to move forward. Today is day one! Make sure you use your past as a springboard to greatness rather than an anchor to pain. You may not be aware but the way you feel is entirely up to you. What will you allow to hold power over you.


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